Fundamental to advanced knowledge & Source codes for iOS hacking

Now whole world is waiting for the next iOS Jailbreak release ( iOS 9 Jailbreak)
But only very few hackers are working to exploit the iOS to release next jailbreak at this time. iOS exploit is not a simple thing. It is a really big deal. You must learn the iOS hacking and you must find your own way to exploit/hack it.

However, iOS Jailbreak lovers don't have fundamental knowledge to enter this field. Therefore, Few people had to work hard to find the next jailbreak.

We have collocated all the knowledge to hack iOS.

Why should you attend to this?

Zerodium ( Multi million cyber security company) has offered 3 million dollars price gift for next iOS 9 hacker.
Read more from their website

Chinese companies are offering 2-3 million dollars to promote 3K-Assistant and PP helper only for the Chinese users

Normally Jailbreak tool earns about 2-5 million dollars from user donations.

iOS is 100% legal according to DMCA laws and Jailbreak hackers are Just like celebrities. They are really popular all over the world.

iOS hackers can travel the world for Jailbreak conferences & Jailbreak community meetings for free.

Apple offers jobs to iOS hacker with unbelievable salaries.

No need programming knowledge to hacking, But you can think different way and you have to learn about the iOS hacking

Still very few people are working in this field. Therefore, iOS Jailbreaking field is very slow. People don't have fundamental knowledge to enter the iOS Jailbreaking field.

Following guides/ebooks, source codes and tools are availble with this resources collection. You must have a latest iOS device and you can read English or Chinese to follow our guides.

iOS hackers guide book

iOS Kernel Exploitation

Cycript Guide - for iOS Application hacking guide

Yalu iOS 8.4.1 source code

Greenpois0n Source code

OpenSource TaiG code

Resources hacker (Windows software hacking tool)

Seas0nPass Source code by Firecore

Please mind, The iOS hacking is not a simple thing, You have to work hard to be an expert hacker. you can use this hacking knowledge for do more things. But never use this hacking knowledge for harmful things. We are not responsible if you use this knowledge for bad things.

Jailbreaking is 100% legal according to DMCA low. But App hacking is not legal. Don't promote app hacking for public.

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iOS hacking

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